RESCOMF XD100 OZONE CPAP Cleaner - VirtuCLEAN -SoCLEAN2 for sale in Virginia Beach, VA

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PORTABLE OZONE CPAP CLEANER - RESCOMF XD100 -SoClean2 - VirtuCLEAN - $100 (Virginia Beach)Daniel Smith Road at Newtown Road

condition: new 

make / manufacturer: RESCOMF 

model name / number: XD100 

size / dimensions: 117mm X 68mm X 50mm


A safe healthier waterless CPAP cleaning alternative
$100.00 + $15.00 S&H = $115.00

Proper cleaning of CPAP/Bi-Level equipment requires daily cleaning of patients' masks, and changing humidifier water. Patients will also normally be required to clean their tubing and humidifier chamber with soap and water weekly. Studies show that patients rarely adhere to this vigorous schedule which can lead to bacteria and mold accumulation in their CPAP/Bi-Level system, causing various health complications. Now, with RESCOMF patients can properly disinfect their CPAP/Bi-Level device and equipment!

Just a drop of water left in your mask or hose can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. RESCOMF activated oxygen completely sanitizes your mask, hose, and reservoir without any water or chemicals.

The world's smallest automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. 
It is specially designed for your CPAP cleaner and sanitizer 

Sanitize all of your entire CPAP equipment without removing the mask, hose, or reservoir.
Cleaning shouldn't take you away from the rest of your day. The automated cleaning cycle does the work for you.

Eliminates 99.99% of CPAP bacteria, viruses, and mold safely and naturally with no water or chemicals needed!

Using the RESCOMF is as simple as plugging it into the end of your CPAP hose, turning the RESCOMF on, and walking away. 
It will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. Compared to the SoCLean2 ($349.00) , it requires no maintenance or filter replacement.
Compares to VirtuCLEAN that sells for $269.00. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to own a ozone CPAP cleaner. Does the same quality job and saves you $$$.
Built-in lithium battery-Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, more environmentally friendly, more convenient to use. Great mAh, naturally more durable! So many use times on a single charge.

The RESCOMF CPAP Cleaner automatically cleans your CPAP or Bi-Level Machine using Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, in only 30 minutes. Simply connect your CPAP or BiLevel machine to the RESCOMF, turn it on , and walk away. In this 30 minute time frame, RESCOMF kills 99% of disease causing pathogens such as mold, bacteria and viruses that grow in the CPAP mask, hose and water chamber. 

The RESCOMF measures only 4.75″ L x 3.75″ W x 2.12″ H, taking up very little night stand space and can easily be transported anywhere. Instead of having to worry about an electric outlet or the voltage the RESCOMF runs on a rechargable lithium ion battery with a 10 year life. Each charge should give you no less than 7 full cleaning cycles before requiring recharging. Recharging is easy through any USB port or through an AC outlet using the USB adapter.

• Small and lightweight, easy to carry• Effective disinfection, Ultra quiet• One-button control, no need for setting, Long battery life• Connects to most CPAP models, Maintenance free, no consumables• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charger Cable is included

Ideal for homecare, Cleaning shouldn't take you away from the rest of your day. The automated cleaning cycle does the work for you
Portable CPAP Cleaner Anywhere and Anytime

RESCOMF is portable, so patients can take it when traveling. It does not require maintenance like other devices, which RESCOMF states makes it a fit not only for homecare, but also for hospitals, emergency rooms, and ambulatory care centers.
Eliminates 99.99% of CPAP bacteria.

Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in your CPAP/Bi-Level equipment in only 30 minutes
Uses activated oxygen to disinfect

Requires no soap, water, cleaning solutions or on-going maintenance. Uses Ozone also known as activated oxygen to disinfect your tubing, mask and humidier chamber.

Weighing in at half a pound!

The RESCOMF has a very small profile, weighing in at half a pound (230 grams) and about the size of a digital camera. So, it is considerably smaller and lighter than the equivalent SoCLean 2 Go which weighs 2.2 pounds. 

Absolutely outstanding product! Whisper quiet and couldn't be easier to use. I can travel with it and it doesn't need any adapters. I highly recommend !
This one does a great job and is small and quiet. Great for travel. I feel like my machine is so much cleaner now with much less hassle.
William Woe
This cleaner is wonderful. It cleans the mask and hose in one cycle... then you switch the hose around to clean the humidifier in a separate cycle.
Robert Roe
An easy way to keep the CPAP clean and healthy!
Jane Doe

A waterless CPAP cleaning alternative

Cost is $115.00 including shipping or $100.00 for local pickup in Virginia Beach VA.
If you want to order one or more of these XD100 Portable Ozone Cleaning Device, Send a Personal Check or Money Order made payable to Ariel Israel Ben-Zion and mail to 5580 Daniel Smith Rd, Suite 109, Virginia Beach VA 23462. Enclose a note clearly printing your name and complete mailing address. Also include a phone number and e-mail address to contact. Upon clearing of personal check, the product will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail or local buyers may make arrangements to pick up in Virginia Beach Virginia for cash only.

PayPal is also available for payment.
Additional information:Includes:
-Portable Ozone Cleaning Device
-USB Cable
-Power Adapter

Cleaning your CPAP equipment has become a daily or weekly routine for many CPAP users, changing the filter regularly. Have you ever wondered how to clean the internal part of your CPAP machine where the warm air passes through it every night?
Researchers report that a variety of bacteria can be found compounding inside CPAP equipment. 

How does a CPAP cleaner clean your CPAP machine?
Activated Oxygen or 'Ozone' is a natural molecule that is formed when a third atom of oxygen is introduced into the common two-atom molecule that makes up the air we breathe. This molecule becomes "super-charged" and has the ability to oxidize, or destroy many other molecules found in nature. As powerful as it is, this molecule is self-limiting, in that shortly after it is formed it reverts back into normal oxygen.
Sanitizing your CPAP machine ensure you are breathing in cleaner air.
RESCOMF is simple and easy to use. It produces Activated oxygen into your CPAP machine. Simply connect it to your CPAP machine via your CPAP tube.

How to use RESCOMF to disinfect your Machine & Mask?
For Machine: 
1.Charge your RESCOMF
2. Removed the 6ft tube from your mask and connect it with RESCOMF on the Tubing Port. 
3. Do not power on your CPAP machine.
4. Press the On/Off button on RESCOMF and it will start disinfecting your CPAP. 
5. RESCOMF will Auto Shut Off once it completes the cleaning cycle. (appx 30mins)
6. Do not use your CPAP machine for the next 2 hours after disinfecting it.

For Mask: 
1. Remove 6ft tube from CPAP machine and connect it with RESCOMF on the Tubing Port. Place mask in a ziplock bag (not included) and close bag as much as possible around hose.
2. Turn on the RESCOMF until the disinfection is over. About 30 minutes.
(1 Step Cleaning) -Place your CPAP machine with hose/tubing attached to the RESCOMF in plastic box (not included) with tight fitting top or large Ziploc bag. Turn on RESCOMF. Place CPAP mask in box or bag and close or seal for 30 minutes while Ozone is killing bacteria. 

***NOTICE***Once cleaning cycle is complete, remove CPAP mask and do NOT use for at least 2 hours . This allows the ozone to revert back into normal oxygen. Kills 99.99% of bacteria.

This Pack includes: 
- Charging Power Cord
- USB cord 
- Manual
Made in China


(Q) What is Activated Oxygen?A

Activated oxygen also known as ozone, or O3 is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as: 1. a form of oxygen that is found in a layer high in the earth's atmosphere. 2. fresh healthy air especially near the sea. Activated oxygen is a three atom oxygen molecule. This three atom molecule is a colorless gas with powerful oxidizing properties, formed from oxygen by electrical discharges or ultraviolet light. It differs from normal oxygen (O2) but over time or with forced filtration, will break back down to normal oxygen (O2) that we breathe. Many become confused over the term ozone. There is good ozone and there is bad ozone. Most commonly used is bad ozone which is linked to high ozone alerts or smog alerts in certain areas of the world. This kind of ozone is mixed with toxic gases that can be breathed in. Good ozone is found in our upper atmosphere or you may smell the essence of ozone after a thunderstorm. Activated oxygen (ozone) is known as one of the best and most effective means to natural disinfection. This process is commonly used in array of applications such as public water filtration, fruit and vegetable handling, hotel housekeeping, and hospital disinfection.

(Q) Is Activated Oxygen/ Ozone safe to use?

Activated oxygen, also called ozone or O3 occurs in nature. It is produced and used commercially in applications for sanitizing produce, waste and drinking water. The cleaner is designed to keep the activated oxygen enclosed in your CPAP equipment and the secure chamber. And, when the sanitizing process is complete, the ozone turns back into regular oxygen.

(Q) Why do I smell Ozone in my mask at night when the unit ran in the morning?

What you smell is not ozone, the equipment is being oxidized and that is what you smell, it is completely safe. Some suggestions to lessen the smell: 1) Make sure you use the pre-wash. 2) Increase the cleaning time to 12 minutes for a few weeks, then decrease to 7 minutes. 3) Blow air from your CPAP through your mask for 5 minutes before using it. 4) Do not use fragrance wipes or any fragrance products to clean you CPAP equipment as this will intensify the smell.

(Q) When using Ozone as a disinfectant will it damage or harm my mask, hose or other CPAP equipment?

Acrylics, polycarbonate and silicone, which are the primary materials of masks and reservoirs, are completely compatible with activated oxygen and have stood up to the use of the cleaner.

(Q) How does the unit produce or activate oxygen to generate safe Ozone? 

The produces the activated oxygen. Regular oxygen from the air is taken in and converted to activated oxygen for the sanitizing/cleaning process. The filter in the chamber converts it back to regular oxygen, O2, before it exits the chamber.

(Q) Do I need to purchase additional suppies?

No chemicals or filters. The only thing you will need additionally is a small plastic garbage bag or similar container that will contain/hold in the Ozone gas while cleaning your mask only. A waterless CPAP cleaning alternativeProper cleaning of CPAP/Bi-Level equipment requires daily cleaning of patients' masks, and changing humidifier water. Patients will also normally be required to clean their tubing and humidifier chamber with soap and water weekly. Studies show that patients rarely adhere to this vigorous schedule which can lead to bacteria and mold accumulation in their CPAP/Bi-Level system, causing various health complications.
Ariel Israel Ben-Zion

5580 Daniel Smith Rd

Suite 109

Virginia Beach VA 23462

Text 757-955-7516

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